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At Reaseguradora Delta we have backed the Venezuelan insurance sector for more than 50 years, training as reinsurance experts to offer innovative coverage solutions, with broad international projection.


It is part of our mission to advice our clients, both in the day to day of the subscription of risks, and in the technical training of our commercial partners, promoting the quality of service, excellence and the development of human talent. For us that means SER DELTA, and we reached it through courses, talks and workshops on various topics of reinsurance.


We offer backing in contractual and facultative reinsurance business with a first line retrocession, to maintain the confidence and tranquility of our clients. We also provide quality service with advice on the management and transfer of risks, based on our technological, financial and human resources.

With Reaseguradora Delta you have more than an ally. Accounts with professionals who support you to make decisions and measure risks to ensure your clients.

Alicia M. Salas Abad